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Gemma Sweatshirt

I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten to be a pattern tester for Named for the past few years, and this is one of my favorite patterns yet. The Gemma Sweater has really interesting details, including the geometric cut of the front (great for color-blocking!), elastic cuffs, and a drawstring waist.

I’d been saving some old cashmere sweaters for years with the idea of refashioning them one day, and this was the absolute perfect project to use them for. Even though I had three sweaters, they were pretty small and they all had multiple moth holes that needed to be cut around, so I actually didn’t have that much fabric to work with. Luckily in May I’d bought some pink velvet fabric at Stoff & Stil in Copenhagen to use as an impromptu scarf (I’d forgotten mine, it was a cold day, and for some reason my husband really liked this fabric haha) and it went perfectly with the cashmere scraps!

This pattern is so fun to make! It’s like putting a puzzle together. And it was surprisingly easy to get all the points and angles lined up correctly. What took me the longest was definitely deciding on my color-blocking scheme. I actually printed out multiple copies of the line drawing and colored them in to try to decide what would look best.

The only change I made was to swap the funnel neck for binding. I did in fact make the funnel neck first for testing purposes, but with this fabric I prefer the look of the binding. The cashmere was too floppy to hold the funnel properly.

I’m also wearing my favorite Ginger Jeans that I made a year and a half ago. I used Cone Mills denim and they’ve broken in sooo nicely. I don’t have a good before picture, but the color has faded a couple shades and they’ve gotten nicely worn in in all the right places.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, I love the way this sweatshirt turned out! It’s super comfy, but still really fun and unique. Plus the sewing experience itself was one of the most enjoyable and interesting I’ve had in a while.

You can always count on Named for well-drafted patterns with unique details. If you haven’t seen the rest of the collection yet, go have a look!

<3 Lindsay

La Sylphide Blouse

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

I’ve had the La Sylphide pattern from Papercut Patterns in my stash for a few years now, but I could never decide on the right fabric for it, or on which version I wanted to make (dress, blouse, or skirt). I finally decided that I’d get the most use out of a blouse, and when I saw this gorgeous floral at Blackbird Fabrics I knew it was the perfect match.

I don’t feel like my usual style is super feminine, but every once in a while I like to go all out. Even though this blouse is pink and has a big bow and a peplum, it still feels very “me” somehow and I love wearing it.

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

I didn’t make any alterations and I feel like the fit is pretty great. Sewing the tie neck was a little fiddly, but other than that everything came together smoothly.

I’m also wearing a pair of Ginger Jeans that I made this spring out of stretch twill. I like them, but I’m not totally convinced colored jeans are for me. These particular pants are also a cat hair magnet, so that puts them firmly in the “just okay” category in my book. Ginger’s still one of my favorite patterns though, and I have some Cone Mills denim earmarked for another pair next fall.

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

La Sylphide Blouse - Papercut Patterns

This blouse is a new style for me, so I’m really happy it turned out so well! I’ve already worn it on lots of different occasions.

I hope you’re having a great summer, and thanks for reading!

<3 Lindsay

Making Basics & Spring Planning


I’ve been all about basics lately. Great for my wardrobe, but not so exciting for photos – hope you don’t mind the flat lays!

I finally tried out the free Tonic Tee pattern from SBCC and I love it! It’s designed for petites, so the fit is great – I didn’t even have to shorten it. For my first one I used a cheetah print cotton jersey from Mood, and for my second I used a lightweight gray merino with mini stripes from The Fabric Store. They’re both already in heavy rotation, and I’ll definitely be checking out more SBCC patterns in the future!

I also made another pair of Ginger Jeans – this time with a mid rise, straight leg, and neutral gray topstitching. Heather recommends lowering the high-rise rather than vice versa to make the mid-rise, but I prefer the scale of the pockets etc. on the low-rise version so I used it instead. I just raised it by one inch, and now the rise is perfect for me – it’s crazy what a difference an inch makes! I used the 9 oz Cone Mills denim from Threadbare Fabrics for this pair. It’s lighter weight (perfect for spring!) but still feels substantial. These are currently my favorite jeans and I’ve been wearing them almost every day!

Geneva panties

I’ve also been on a scrap-busting kick. I just finished some pillows for my couch made from upholstery fabric scraps, and a couple weeks ago I used up all my bamboo jersey scraps making seven pairs of Geneva panties. Geneva’s my favorite underwear pattern and in combination with bamboo jersey I think I can safely say they’re the most comfortable undies I’ve ever owned. I do hate the endless elastic zig-zagging required for construction, but it’s totally worth it in the end.


And now for some spring planning:

Last summer was definitely the Summer of the Dress for me. I made 7 different dresses between May and August and I feel like I finally got comfortable wearing dresses on a regular basis. I’m hoping the same thing will happen this year with skirts!

I have three skirts planned:

Spring2016-2A Named Lauha maxi skirt with parrot print rayon from Blackbird Fabrics (sold out).

009-reese-tasoA Named Reese wraparound skirt. Undecided about fabric, but I’m considering this abstract printed rayon (also from Blackbird, also sold out).

madewell gingham skirtA simple gathered skirt made from buffalo check silk crepe de chine (inspo from Madewell).

I also have two dresses planned:

Spring2016-1A Named Leini dress made with this retro floral jersey from Mood.


crepe de chine And some kind of shirt dress out of this gorgeous Jason Wu crinkle silk crepe de chine. Any pattern suggestions? The crinkle in the fabric gives it a bit more volume than your average CDC. I’m thinking maybe a sleeveless Bruyere with a lengthened hemline?

I also definitely need a few sleeveless buttondown shirts! My sleeveless Archers are pretty worn out. I’m planning on trying out the Sewaholic Granville shirt as a replacement – I really like the shaping of the princess seams.


Well, I’m glad to have gotten some basics and necessary items finished! Now I can sew some fun and interesting garments without any guilt. We hardly had a winter here in Austin, but I’m excited for spring nonetheless!

<3 Lindsay

Cate’s Cousin Top & Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

An old pattern and a new pattern!

My shirt is the Cate’s Cousin top from Style Arc. This is my second time using a Style Arc pattern – I bought a few of their knit top patterns during a sale a while ago, and last month I made the Alexi turtleneck. I haven’t blogged it yet, but I do like the pattern. I made it from a maroon merino jersey I bought at The Fabric Store in LA, which is also where this fabric is from. This one’s mostly rayon (nice and drapey), but it has a bit of wool in it too.

I was always kind of put off by Style Arc’s website, but they now have an Etsy store with all their digital patterns that’s easier to navigate. I think the main drawback is that their designs aren’t modeled so it can be hard to picture how they’ll actually look, and reviews by bloggers are few and far between. Their instructions are pretty minimal but seemed sufficient for non-beginners. Granted, I made some pretty simple tops, so I’m not sure what their instructions would be like for something more complicated. One strange feature is that when you buy the pattern you only get 3 sizes (4-6-8 or 10-12-14 for example) and each size is in a separate PDF file – not very handy if you need to grade between sizes. I also found it odd that the symmetrical front and back pieces of both shirts were full size rather than having a “cut on fold” line down the middle. I didn’t particularly mind, but it would have saved paper to just print the half size pieces.

This shirt came together easily and the fit seems true to size. I’ve never made a cowl before, so it was fun to see how that’s constructed. It’s definitely a comfortable and wearable shirt, but I’m not totally sold on the style. I’m not sure if either dropped shoulders or cowl necks are the best looks for me. I love the fabric though, so I’m sure I’ll be wearing it anyway!

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

This is my second pair of Ginger Jeans. View B this time with the high waist and skinny legs. When I basted them together the legs were a bit *too* skinny through the calves, so I used a 3/8″ (rather than 5/8″) seam allowance from the knee down. I used Cone Mills denim from Threadbare Fabrics which seems to be great so far – I’ll have to see how well it ages before I can reach a final verdict. Thanks to my Pfaff (I bought a used Ambition 1.0 a few months ago!) I think this is my best fly insertion and topstitching yet! My Pfaff also came with a “hump jumper” and I love that little gadget – it works like a charm when going over multiple layers of denim.

The fit is pretty good on these. I think there’s just a smidge too much fabric at the inner thigh (or somewhere in the crotch region). There also seem to be a lot of knee wrinkles, but I’m not sure if that can be corrected or if that’s just the way it is with skinny jeans. Any thoughts?

I’m glad I tried out the high rise, but I think a mid-rise is still my favorite height for jeans. On my next pair I’ll use Heather’s tutorial to make something in between Views A and B.

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

Ginger Jeans + Cate's Cousin Top

With the weather warming up I definitely feel like my sew-jo’s returning. I plan on doing a quick Wardrobe Architect run-though and getting my thoughts (and fabrics) in order. Lots of sewing ahead!

<3 Lindsay