Winter Shorts

I made these shorts from a pattern for pants in the US edition of BurdaStyle magazine. I got the fabric on sale… I think it’s some sort of wool blend.

They were super simple to make. One of the reasons I chose this pattern was because it has an invisible side zipper. I just haven’t been able to master the art of the fly zip. If you know of any good tutorials, let me know in the comments!

I like that these shorts don’t have pockets – just nice, clean lines.

Are you making any shorts this winter?

<3 Lindsay

Who says flannel shirts have to be plaid?

This is definitely not your lumberjack’s shirt.

I’ve decided my favorite things to sew are buttondown shirts. I know that’s kind of strange – most people seem to sew tons of pretty skirts and dresses. And I like to sew those things too, but there’s just something about taking a really rigid, standardized form as your base and altering the details in tiny ways to make the shirt unique that I love. This shirt is loosely based on a BurdaStyle pattern, but I’ve altered almost everything about it.

The collar is a self-drafted men’s shirt collar that I’ve slightly rounded the corners of. The pockets are also a down-sized version of pockets I drafted for a men’s shirt.

The contrast stitching looks brown, but is actually a dark olive green. I had to be so careful sewing, knowing that every little stitch would show!

This shirt is so soft/comfortable/warm! I could (and have been) living in it all winter.

<3 Lindsay

An Introduction

Welcome to my blog!

I learned how to sew in 2012, but didn’t really start making clothing until January 2013. It’s been almost a year now and I’m just as excited about sewing now as I was then! I’ve been sharing my projects on BurdaStyle (which you can see here), but now I’ve decided to start my own blog as well!

I’m planning on posting all my finished projects here, without going into too much detail on the construction aspect. Mainly because I’m lazy, but also because there are already lots of great sewing tutorial blogs out there.

Hopefully my projects will inspire you, or at least interest you. And if you have any questions about my work feel free to send me a message!

<3 Lindsay