Pattern Tester Update

This is just a quick update to let you know that I’ve sent the pattern out to the chosen testers. One of my testers mentioned that the e-mail ended up in her spam folder, so you may want to check there if you signed up!

I’m thrilled that so many people were interested in testing, and I’m sorry I couldn’t choose everyone! I’m planning on having an open tester call before every pattern release, so please do sign up in the future if you’re interested in testing!

<3 Lindsay

Senna Two-Piece Set-Acular!

You may recognize this outfit as my first pattern, the Senna Dress. This is variation 2 – the crop top and pencil skirt combo! I’m currently accepting testers for this pattern, so if you’re interested check out the post here! [EDIT – The Senna Dress pattern is now available for purchase here!]

And it just so happens this pattern works perfectly for Sophie’s Two-Piece Set-Acular! I’ve been loving the crop top + high-waisted skirt/shorts trend this summer. There’s something so fun and flirty, but still classy, about having just a sliver of skin showing. I wasn’t quite sure I was a floral co-ord kind of girl, but since I’d already made this skirt and I had enough fabric left over for a matching top, I figured I’d give it a go!

And hey, it turns out I really like it! I’ve been way more adventurous with my clothing since I started sewing (especially since I started blogging), and I love discovering new silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and patterns that I never thought would work on me. Of course there have been some misses too, but I learn something new with every piece of clothing I sew.

I wore this outfit when I went home last weekend for my mom‘s book launch party. I noticed a few double takes, but I’m choosing to believe they were thinking “oh, what a cute outfit” and not “omg what is she wearing”. And hey, I felt good in it and that’s what matters right? Plus my 90 year old grandmother totally approved. And by the way, she was also wearing a newly-finished handmade dress. I hope when I’m her age I’ll still be whipping up dresses and rocking purple hats at parties!

So how do you feel about co-ords? Sewn anything two-piece set-acular? Tell me about it in the comments!

<3 Lindsay

Call for Pattern Testers!

Are you interested in being a pattern tester? I’m looking for testers for my first pattern, the Senna Dress!

Senna can either be made as a dress or as a separate skirt and crop top combo. It comes with crew neck and scoop neck variations. The top is loose fitting with kimono sleeves and the bottom is a ruched pencil skirt.

If you’re interested please take a look at the size chart below and fill out the form located HERE  
[EDIT – sign-up for pattern testing is now closed for this pattern]

You can also e-mail me at if you have any questions!

I’m hoping to have the pattern sent out to testers by this weekend. Thanks for your help!

<3 Lindsay

Shibori Pneuma Tank

I used to hate exercising. I’m soooo not into cardio. I know tons of people love running, but it’s just not my thing. On the other hand, I love pilates. I first discovered pilates a couple years ago via youtube. I’ve done a bit of yoga on and off and I think I was looking for stretching videos when I came across the Blogilates youtube channel. I liked pilates immediately, but I didn’t start practicing on a regular basis until earlier this year.

My activewear wardrobe is pretty pitiful though. Because I exercise at home I never bothered with buying cute new clothes. Plus who can afford those lululemon prices? So up until now I’ve made do with old tank tops and cheapo bike shorts from Forever 21 *hangs head in shame*. But no more! It’s cute activewear only from here-on out!

This is the Pneuma tank by Papercut Patterns. It’s part of their activewear collection, Tri, which also includes the Anima pant and Soma swimsuit. I fell in love with the design of this tank the minute I laid eyes on it! The interlaced straps, the dipped hem, the peeks of the attached sports bra underneath… so cute!

I dyed this jersey at the same time I dyed the linen for my shibori Prefontaine shorts

The pink sports bra fabric is some sort of performance fabric called “Cool Max Knit” from I haven’t actually worked out in this tank yet, so I can’t attest to its alleged sweat-wicking properties. It was cheap though! Hopefully it’ll hold up.

I’m not normally a hot pink kind of gal, but I really like the pop of color underneath the tank!

I made a muslin of just the sports bra first, using the same type of fabric in royal blue. I didn’t have the right widths of elastic on hand, so I used 1/4″ instead of 3/8″ around the top and 1/2″ instead of 1″ around the bottom. That ended up not being the best idea, especially around the top, because the elastic digs into my sides/armpits in an uncomfortable way. It really does need to be folded under that extra 1/8″ to be comfortable.

I used white bra strapping on this version, which worked okay, but I like the look of the (un-folded) foldover elastic I used on the tank a lot better. The thicker straps stand out more, and the foldover elastic is actually a lot stretchier and more comfortable than the bra strapping. I did end up using way less strapping than suggested – like 9 inches per strap less – because of the extra stretchiness.

One thing this pattern is missing is an option to add bra cups. Next time I make one up I may try to add those pockets you see on RTW sports bras/swimsuits with removable cups.

I’ll leave you with my attempt at a yoga pose. So serene and graceful right? ;) I should probably head to a yoga class one of these days, now that I have some activewear I won’t be embarrassed leaving the house in.

Have you made activewear before? Do you know of any other good patterns?

<3 Lindsay

Project Indie!

Hey there, friends! Sorry I haven’t been terribly active on the blog of late. The truth is I’ve been busy learning some new skills, which I’m really excited (and a little scared) to share with you today!

This is a sneak peek of my soon-to-be-released first pattern(!)… the Senna dress!

Versatile, comfortable, and modern, the Senna Dress is a knit dress (or skirt and top) with a loose kimono-sleeve bodice and a ruched pencil skirt. The neckline comes with boat neck and scoop neck variations.

The kimono sleeve top with added waist band has a slightly cropped length and makes a great casual shirt.

The ruched pencil skirt can easily be dressed up or down for casual, work, or evening wear.

The Senna Dress is my entry for The Monthly Stitch‘s Project Indie contest! My pattern is digitized, graded, and has a set of instructions, but it hasn’t been pattern tested yet. I may be putting out a call for testers soon, so keep an eye out for that if it’s something you may be interested in! The winner is determined 50% by the judges’ score and 50% by public voting. You can take a look at the other entries and vote HERE! [EDIT – voting is now closed]

You can also read an interview I did with The Monthly Stitch here. I’ve learned a ton over the last few months, which I’ll go into more detail about in a future post.

I want to thank you all so much for your continuing support of my blog over the last half year. Reading your kind comments is always the highlight of my day! To be a part of such an encouraging and creative community is really fantastic.

I’m so excited to share the next phase of my sewing journey with you all as well. I have tons of design ideas floating around my head, so I’m hoping this will be the first pattern of many!

<3 Lindsay